Cooperation agreement between EU countries

The big step for cooperation between EU countries in protection of consumers, prevention of money laundering and fraud.


The gambling regulatory authorities of EEA Member States signed at 27 November 2015 an agreement on online gambling services.

The challenges of cross-border online gambling cannot be tackled without efficient cooperation between countries. This agreement will ensure cooperation between countries and protect the citizens in the EU who gamble online against addiction, fraud and privacy breaches.

Also cooperation agreement can ensure well regulated and responsible gambling throughout EU countries.

Agreement will help for creating a framework for exchanging information, best practice and assistance between EU countries.

The agreement covers a number of different areas such as supervision of compliance with national laws, including the protection of consumers, prevention of money laundering and fraud, and betting related to match-fixing, practical cooperation to assist the authorities in their day-to-day supervisory function, sharing of best practices between EU countries etc.

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