The State of the Sports Betting Business in the First Six Months of 2022

The sports betting sector continues to deliver high expectations in the second half of 2022, as more US states open the door to legalisation and regulatory reforms take place around the world. In light of various new market participants on the horizon, the industry is becoming more interactive, more in-play, more data-driven, and more luck-based, as well as more pronged towards the general population. You should keep an eye out for the following features during 2022:

The key to everything is data

Today, almost everyone has access to the most up-to-date stats and news about their favourite teams and athletes, including those who play in other leagues. Analysis of the data collected by Big Data technologies is performed before betting a bet is offered to players. So sports betting is more and more like stock exchange.

Football is still the most popular sports (at least in Europe)

More and more teams will be advertising sports betting or online casino brands in the next years, making it the undisputed ruler of the betting world Athletes’ jerseys, advertising in strategic stadium locations, appearances on team websites, and media coverage all help these companies get a foothold in sports venues.

Esports on the rise

It exploded in popularity during the previous year, and both money and viewership have increased this year. Networks like Twitch and YouTube are used to spread the word about competitive events. Every credible betting operator has been offering esports matches for a few years now.

NFTs and Blockchain are gaining popularity

Despite being blocked in some countries by strict rules and regulations on payment methods sponsored by traditional banking institutions, more and more operators and online casinos now allow bitcoin deposits. Being anonymous and trustworthy, crypto and betting will be a handy duo in the years to come.

Automated and suggested bets

Players may make predictions without spending a lot of time by using automatic bets. Fixed rates are set by the sports betting experts who use rule-based tactics to set them. They are then automated through the whole process. The same applies for suggested bet builders. This sort of betting may be quite successful, since bets on undetermined odds can be very beneficial.

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