Danish Gambling Authority Takes Action: Blocking 49 Illegal Gambling Websites

The Danish Gambling Authority Ensures Player Protection by Blocking Illegal Websites

The Danish Gambling Authority, known as Spillemyndigheden, has taken a significant step to safeguard players by successfully having 49 illegal gambling websites blocked. The move comes as part of the authority’s ongoing efforts to combat unlicensed gambling operations and ensure a safe and regulated gambling environment for Danish players. This recent victory marks the ninth instance in which the regulator has turned to the court to halt the activities of illicit gambling websites.

District Court Ruling and Ongoing Efforts

On July 14, 2023, the Copenhagen City Court ruled in favor of the Authority, upholding the authority’s bid to block 49 websites that were offering illegal gambling services. While the ruling has just been made public, the Danish Gambling Authority has been working diligently to tackle illegal gambling activities for years. Since 2012, the regulator has successfully blocked a total of 276 illegal sites, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Danish gambling market.

Combating Illegal Gambling Operations

The targeted websites had been operating unlawfully, catering to Danish players without holding the required licenses. In Denmark, gambling operators are required to obtain a Danish license and display the Danish Gambling Authority’s label prominently on their websites and marketing materials. This labeling serves as a signal of legitimacy and compliance with the country’s gambling regulations. If the Authority identifies websites offering illegal gambling services, it initiates actions to address the violation and compel the operators to cease their unlawful activities.

Legal Measures and Stringent Actions

In instances where illegal gambling operators fail to heed the authority’s warnings, the Gambling authority takes legal action by seeking court orders to block these websites. Previously, the authority resorted to annual website blocks; however, it now plans to increase its efforts by blocking illegal websites twice a year. This proactive approach is a testament to the authority’s dedication to maintaining a secure online gambling environment.

Anders Dorph, the Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, emphasized the importance of their mission. He stated, “Ensuring that Danes are protected from illegal gambling operations that disregard consumer protection regulations set forth in the gambling legislation is a crucial responsibility of the Danish Gambling Authority.”

Upholding Integrity and Protection

The Danish Gambling Authority’s successful endeavor to block 49 illegal gambling websites underscores its commitment to player protection, integrity, and responsible gambling practices. By taking strong measures against unlicensed operators, the authority ensures that Danish players can enjoy online gambling within a regulated framework that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

As part of its ongoing efforts, the Authority’s vigilant stance against illegal gambling is instrumental in shaping a secure and compliant gambling landscape in Denmark.

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