European Organization for Gaming Law will promote principles for safe, secure and realible enviroment for all gambling and betting types

A key objective of the Organization is to promote safe, secure and reliable environment for all gambling and betting types.


That’s why our members have developed a set of ambitious standards to:

TAXATION FOR ALL GAMBLING AND BETTING TYPES – Taxation should be equal for all gambling and betting types so non of this types will not be in more favourable position in taxation. Also taxation should be distinct because the operators could provide, as far as possible, the tax consequences of transactions and their activities. Tax regulations should not give the result of double taxation and the risk of tax evasion.

In dialogue with the national authorities EOGL will represent that the gambling legislation must define all taxes and fees that operators should pay.


ZERO TOLERANCE OF FRAUDULENT, CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR AND ILLEGAL MAKET – Our members will introduce anti-money laundering policies and procedures to cater for the identification, escalation and reporting of unusual or suspicious activities and including Introducing anti-money laundering practices which include the provision of suspicious transaction reports to the relevant national financial investigation unit and international institutions material or unusual deposits, withdrawals and customer accounts where little or no gaming or betting activity takes place. Very important is the constant turning to the competent authorities we will insist on fighting against illegal market.

RESPONSIBLE GAMING – PREVENTION OF ADDICTION IN GAMBLING AND BETTING – EOGL strives to create a responsible and humble gaming environment for each and everyone playing at web cites of our members. To most people gaming is socially enjoyable and a harmless source of entertainment. Members of EOGL want to provide worlds safest and most innovating gaming platform for adults. EOGL developed the project “It is possible to quit“. The essence of the project is training of all employees who come into contact with the players in recognizing first symptoms of gambling addiction. The employees of our members will ensure that the players understand problem gambling issues and are able to liaise with the players appropriately.

UNDERAGE POLICY OF MEMBERSOnly persons of 18 age are allowed to register and place bets on websites of our members. This limitation is clearly visible while the person is creating a players account. The acceptance of “Terms and Conditions” of our members is condition for creating a user account on web site. By accepting the Terms and Conditions the player is obligated to comply with all the rules and limitations specified in Terms and conditions. All employees are adequately trained for the use of age verification. The Customer Service of our members is specifically trained to use secondary verification as the starting procedure in determination of the players’ age.

EMPLOYMENT POLICY – Our staff are properly trained in the use of their age verification procedures and they are only individuals who are older than 18 years old. Also in particular customer services staff must be appropriately trained in the use of secondary forms of identification when initial verification procedures fail to prove that an individual is of legal age enabling their gambling websites to permit filtering software to be used by adults (such as parents or within schools) in order to restrict access to relevant pages of those sites.

LEGAL OPERATING LICENSE FOR SAFE AND RELIABLE ENVIROMENT – Our members are having a legal operating license from a reputable regulatory authority. Members of EOGL commit to an annual audit of financial statements and accounts performed by a reputable external audit firm.

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