EOGL | The main activities – Platform


The European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL) is the Brussels – nonprofit organization which represents European gaming and betting operators, licensed and regulated with EU law.

EOGL is the first Retail Association on the territory of the European Union and the primary objective is promoting safe, secure and reliable environment in the game of chance. Protection of minors, training employees to recognize gambling addiction, underage policy, opportunity to the players to self-exclude etc. will be our priorities in the future work.

We are performing activities that support the functioning of the European market, without internal borders or unprincipled monopoly, where the competition is free and undisturbed. EOGL actively works to ensure that the services based upon the authorization of one country can be offered to consumers in all countries of the European Union.

EOGL as a European association will provide full support to local associations and organizations in the process of adopting the Laws concerning gaming and betting business and will offer expert assistance in negotiating with decision makers in national authorities, since the local problems always becomes global problems.

We will insist to be actively involved in decision-making processes within the authority of the EU and strongly support the adoption of a unified law in games of chance that will define the equal rules and principles for all operators at European level, no matter what kind of betting and gaming business are engaged.




EOGL will found good coordination and trusted environment between members in order to raise credibility. Accordingly we will start communication between members of EOGL in order to exchange ideas about existing regulatory frames, tax regimes and best practices in order to formulate a commonly accepted (among EOGL’s members) Book of Rules for the gaming industry. To this purpose, we will:

  • OrganizeWorkingGroups/TeamswithinEOGL,withparticipants from all EOGL members, for each specific area of interest.
  • Draft and establish ethical rules and a code of conduct to which all EOGL members need to adhere.

EOGL will start establishing connections and support of local associations, organizations and operators on Media (Public Relation) and Government Relations Level.

Also EOGL will start promoting the formal communication and cooperation between EOGL and institutions and organizations already existing in Member States.


EOGL will start communicating our positions at national and international level, fighting against overtaxing and various restrictions while contacting operations. We will also start drafting legal documents and our main objectives are:

– No turnover tax.
– All gaming taxes to be sustainable and equal.
– GGR taxation within approximately 11%.
– No tax on winnings.
– Gaming tax is only tax for all operators in all gaming business.
– Maximum level of taxation for gaming business as there are in Gibraltar or Malta.
– NoadditionaltypesoftaxationlikeVAT,localtaxetc.
– No restrictions like distance from schools and churches, number of gaming machines, gaming hall layout etc.


EOGL will start drafting legal documents to defend and promote industry’s rights at national and international level, having our main focus on the following areas:

– To ensure that the services, based upon an authorization in a country can be offered to consumers in all countries of the European Union
– To promote the free movement of services within a unified market
– To ensure the freedom of establishment
– To work against procedures and administrative practices that impede free establishment
– To work against discrimination on the basis of nationality
– To communicate positions and opinions to national and European authorities

Betting terminals are a big challenge for every gaming and betting law. EOGL will support legal solution that betting terminals must be within the betting shops in accordance to the law and electronically connected with tax administration.



From 2018 EOGL will star active EU lobbying with objective to create unified legislation. Undertake lobbying activities in the first phase is by organising:

  • RoundTables,calling participants from other organisations and institutions.

Second phase of this process will be:

  • Open Conferences and Meetings with European Union, national and international opinion-leaders and decision-makers in order to promote and defend the gaming and betting industry’s interests and rights.