After a formal request by the European Commission this April, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has officially commenced the process of setting up the EU online gambling standards. With the head of Belgian regulator in post, the CEN-run project will be gathering industry bodies and regulators across Europe. Consequently, the key deliverable will be to create unified, industry-wide compliance and reporting rules.

Formally, the CEN Committee TC 456 coordinates the project. That being said, its key task will be to standardise the type of “core data” sent to regulators for reviews. This will help them improve compliance and efficiency of reporting and supervision processes.

As reported by EOGL earlier this year, the intent of the Commission directive was to enable a European standard on reporting and supervision of online gambling. Likewise, the Member States’ gambling regulatory authorities are in the core of this process.

Any operator/regulator/supplier/consumer interested to participate in the activities of TC 456 can contact their respective National Member.

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