US Betting Market: Players Likely to be Impacted by Inflation, Study Says

US research indicates a substantial impact of rising inflation on US sports bettors.

The research, conducted throughout 2022, indicated that once inflation reached the 6% figure in the USA, the numbers clearly demonstrated a steep drop in e-sports and gaming revenue. This is a tendency that can be seen throughout the gaming business in the United States, but with broad implications for other markets as well.

Sports Bettors More Risk – Aware Amid Inflation

On the other hand, online betting customers seem to be well aware of the impact of inflation, with 38% having saved more emergency reserves in the last three months, compared to just 28% of the overall public. However, online sports bettors were more likely than the general population to use available credit and retirement funds, although bettors were less likely to be able to pay credit card payments.

Online sports bettors were also 54% more likely to earn greater levels of income than those who did not—defined as earning more than $100,000 per year.

There are insights that mobile sports bettors can likely afford to keep their betting habit amid inflation. At the same time, this correlation implies the critical importance for betting and gaming operators to use extensive data to identify both robust and distressed consumers, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

Since inflation doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon, the effects are starting to show in the gaming industry, as many people save money to pay their winter bills. 

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