As a part of overall advice provided by UK authorities to different sectors of economy on how to prepare for the country’s termination of EU membership, betting and gaming operators based in United Kingdom have been recently provided with the 8-point checklist. The list, prepared by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), provided the advice to operators on how to be fully prepared.

1) Employee visa issues

The majority of issues center around visa and immigration issues. In practice, this mainly relates to the UK – Gibraltar – Spain and the crossing into Spain from Gibraltar by the UK-based operator’s employees.

2) Another boost for Malta gaming hub

As Gibraltar was the jurisdiction where majority of UK-licensed operators chose to base their EU-based business, it can be now expected that Malta-based operations of UK operators will be given strong emphasis, in order to ensure a stabile EU market access.

3) GDPR remains in strong focus

The DCMS Report further emphasizes the importance of GDPR compliance and the player personal data originating from EU and EEA countries, as well as generally accepted accounting standards in EU. Each UK-based operator will need to appoint an EU representative to keep sure standards are met.

4) .EU domains

UK operators already using a .eu domain may lose the ability to re-register that domain after January 1, 2020. Any surrendered domains will become available for general registration as of November 1, 2020.

5) Software and hardware licencing

Post Brexit, another legal issue to arise will relate to contracts concluded, and copyright permissions to offer certain licensed content outside the UK will continue being a serious issue. Operators will also need to ensure each step relating to import of hardware from the EU to the UK is covered, planned and complied with.

The complete list is available here

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