Gaming Between Populism and Regulatory Pressure: EOGL Secretary General at “Exact Time in Gambling Serbia 2023”

The EOGL Secretary General recently made a significant impact at the international conference “Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia 2023”, held at the prestigious Metropol Hotel in Belgrade.

EOGL Secretary General Challenges Prevailing Prejudices

The Secretary General actively participated in two notable panels during the conference. The first panel, shared with Dan Gita, president of the ROMBET association from Romania, was centered around discussing optimal legal solutions for games of chance. This discussion also encompassed a comparative analysis of the regulatory situations in Romania and Serbia. In the second panel, with moderator Arjan Korstjensen leading the conversation, the Secretary General delved into the present circumstances of the Serbian market.

EOGL Secretary General
EOGL Secretary General

Tackling Policy Bias: Insights from the Conference

Throughout these discussions, the EOGL Secretary General highlighted numerous misconceptions associated with the betting industry. He shed light on the attempts by certain politicians to misrepresent the industry by presenting inaccurate data, further providing concrete examples to support his claims. Moreover, the Secretary General emphasized the successful formation of a working group inclusive of industry representatives. This formation was presented as a commendable approach towards achieving balanced regulation, which has subsequently led to a decline in black market activities and a boost in budget revenues.

Industry Evolution: What to Expect from the SEE Market

In line with the theme of betterment, the Secretary General proposed two vital suggestions for enhancing legal regulations. Firstly, he recommended the lawful blocking of illicit websites through a court verdict processed urgently, drawing inspiration from the Slovenian model that averts unnecessary apprehensions of non-governmental organizations. Secondly, he introduced the idea of holding parents accountable for the gambling activities of their minor children, drawing parallels to other scenarios where parents bear responsibility for their children’s actions.

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