Towards a comprehensive European Legal framework for gambling

The latest commercial trends, challenges and opportunities from industry leaders

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European Organisation for Gaming Law are proud to announce the Executive Committee Annual Meeting in London:

Towards a comprehensive European Legal framework for gambling.

The latest commercial trends, challenges and opportunities from industry leaders.

The speakers on the Annual meeting will be prominent European experts who will speak about gambling legislations in different EU countries. The Experts will focuses on compliance of national regulatory frameworks with EU law and the future perspective in this area.

Today, online gambling is one of the fastest growing service activities in the EU, with annual growth rates of almost 15% and an estimated €13 billion in annual revenues in 2015 compared to €9.3 billion in 2011. The EU gambling market is estimated at around EUR 84.9 billion and grows at a yearly rate of around 3%. Online gambling is particularly popular with around 6.8 million consumers in the EU and a wide variety of operators offering services.

However, online gambling regulation in Member States is characterised by a diversity of regulatory frameworks. In some European jurisdictions, monopolistic regimes (offering online gambling services) have been established. These are run either by a state-controlled public operator or by a private operator on the basis of an exclusive right. A growing number of Member States has however established licensing systems thus allowing more than one operator to offer services on the market. At the same time, operators licensed in one or more EU countries can offer gambling services in other countries without the authorisation normally required in those other countries.

Also, there are also thousands of unregulated gambling websites, often from outside the EU, to which consumers are exposed and which carry significant risks such as fraud and money laundering. On EOGL Annual meeting experts will discuss about negative appearances in unregulated markets and the dangers that can bring bad legislation.


In the past years infringement cases have been launched by the Commission against a significant number of Member States and remain under investigation to date. The Commission will, wherever necessary, take action to enforce the relevant Treaty provisions in respect of any national rules not complying with EU law, taking into account the latest case law of the CJEU. Because of that National regulatory systems must respect EU law.

Participants at the Annual meeting will have the opportunity to hear what is highlight priority challenges for establishing a common EU legislation for gambling and betting.

This EOGL Annual meeting will be the best way for sharing new experiences and also opportunity for finding out what are the new trends in the regulations in different EU countries.

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