Enhancing Player Protection: Greece Proposes Measures for Safer Gambling

The Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) is embarking on a significant step towards improving player safety within Greece’s gambling industry. The commission has initiated a consultation process to gather insights on potential changes to casino operations, including the establishment of a self-exclusion register and other impactful measures.

The Consultation and Proposed Changes

The EEEP is inviting stakeholders and participants in the gambling industry in Greece to offer their thoughts and feedback on the proposed measures. The consultation period is set to conclude on September 15th. Should the suggested measures receive approval from Greece’s Ministry of National Economy and Finance, they will be implemented to further bolster the responsible gambling landscape.

The EEEP has described the draft legislation as primarily focusing on the “regulation of matters of administrative control and operation of casino businesses.” The consultation process serves as a means to gather diverse perspectives and insights from interested parties to shape the future of the industry.

Greece Innovates for Improved Player Protection

Among the proposed changes, one stands out as a significant step towards enhanced player protection—the revamping of existing player safeguarding regulations. This pivotal alteration includes the introduction of a self-exclusion register, a tool designed to empower players with a higher degree of control over their gambling activity.

Under this proposal, the EEEP would establish and manage the self-exclusion register, recording essential information about excluded players, such as the duration of the self-exclusion period and the corresponding licensee. If approved, players could have the flexibility to select a self-exclusion period lasting anywhere from one week to ten months.

Notably, self-exclusion could only be lifted after the designated period has passed, and the self-excluded individual submits a formal request for ban removal.

Transformation of Player Cards and Staff Training

The draft legislation also introduces the concept of an individual player card, which would be linked to the player’s online account. This card would enable players to seamlessly participate in casino games while ensuring responsible gambling practices.

Furthermore, licensees would be mandated to provide comprehensive training to their staff members, encompassing a deep understanding of Greece’s gambling regulations. This commitment to education involves offering specialized training programs, as well as designating a training manager responsible for facilitating relevant education and training activities.

Additional Measures and Proposals

The draft law encompasses several additional proposals aimed at enhancing the gambling environment. It mandates the presence of a dedicated studio space within licensed casinos, primarily intended for the operation of live dealer games. This space would be equipped with specialized tools to ensure optimal gaming experiences.

Moreover, the EEEP’s proposed measures include the establishment of a financial security reserve requirement and the implementation of more conspicuous notifications regarding casino operating hours.

Greece’s Evolving Gambling Landscape

Greece’s journey towards a regulated gambling market began in 2011 with the introduction of the original Gambling Act. In subsequent years, a transitional period saw the issuance of 24 transitional licenses to operators. Further regulatory changes were pursued, culminating in the submission of draft gaming regulations to the European Commission in 2020.

The efforts to refine the gambling landscape led to the allowance for continued operation for the original 24 licensees until March 31st, 2020. Subsequent to this date, operators were required to reapply for licenses under the new provisions.

What Next?

The initiation of the consultation process by the Hellenic Gaming Commission underscores Greece’s commitment to responsible gambling and player protection. The proposed measures, including the potential introduction of a self-exclusion register and other innovative changes, reflect a proactive approach to creating a safer gambling environment for all. As Greece’s gambling landscape evolves, these measures demonstrate a dedication to ensuring player safety and promoting responsible gambling practices.

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